The project Bridges of good neighborhood is over

Our work on the project Bridges of good neighborhood, whose purpose was to prevent illegal migration to and from Russia and CIS and promote legal one, is over .
For the period of the project (04.2009-12.2011) over back 100 people returned back to their country of origin. Most people returned to Russia, Dagestan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. They are mostly  men. The average age of the returnees is about 30 years.

During 2010 and 2011, from Bulgaria, back to their country of origin returned 7 people, 2 persons to Armenia, 2 to Russia and 3 to Kyrgyzstan. Of these, 3 have received initial financial support of 250 €, and two € 2,000 to start their own business. The average age of the returnees is 42 years, 5 men and 2 women .

In total 16 people have turned for support to the Association For You, from these 3 persons were deported, 7 returned with the support of the project, 3 persons have changed their minds, while 3 could not leave the country due to lack of documents. The avarage  time to organize the return is about 1 month.

The most common reason for leaving the country is inability to acquire legal residence status in Bulgaria. Another reason is the lack of professional realization .

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We thank all our partners with whom we cooperate during the project. We hope to continue working  together.

Bridges of good Neighborhood

Organization AWO Arbeiterwohlfahrt GmbH, Bremerhaven and the fund to support social projects „Education Society“, Moscow launched the project „Bridges of good Neighborhood. „The goal of this project is to prevent illegal migration from Russia and in Russia, and to improve opportunities for legal migration. The basis for achieving this objective is to establish a network of Euro-Asian non-governmental organizations , developing and  covering different aspects of the migration management. The European Community assists to this project under  the program „Cooperation with third countries on migration and asylum”. The duration of the project „Bridges of good Neighborhood“ is from 01 April 2009 to 30 September, 2011.

The main task

The project should facilitate the strengthening of political dialogue on migration issues between the EU and NIS countries, to improve social services for migrants in their countries of origin and host countries, enhance the professional competence of the staff of NGOs and public authorities, to facilitate the provision of objective and impartial information on the topic of migration in the media.


Within the project we plan to develop an international network of Euro-Asian non-governmental organizations and to develop a joint information strategy for immigrants to apply best practices in the management of social services, education and training of personnel of nongovernmental and governmental organizations

Target groups

The project is directed towards the following target groups: immigrants (legal and illegal) in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia and the NIS, returnees from EU countries to Russia and the NIS, employers, NGOs, officials and journalists. .


The project is divided into the following modules, which include research, information exchange, social services and education:

-Researches. Study of Migration in Euro-Asian region, the impact of migration on the development of population, social systems, economy and regional development, analysis of the law for immigrants.

– Information portal „Promigrant“ (information on NGOs and their services for immigrants, immigrants’ rights, programs to assist in the return, news releases). Information portal „Promigrant“ is planned as a platform for bringing together NGOs from the EU, Russia and NIS countries operating in the field of migration. The profile of NGOs, their consulting services are available to immigrants, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders. Potential employers will be able to publish the available jobs for immigrants. On the site wil be published “Compass for immigrants” and recent acts of legislation on migration in an accessible form. Alsothe latest media reports on migration and information platform for the project „Bridges of good  Neighborhood“ – information on activities, expert meetings, topical studies, etc..

– Cooperation and assistance for return and integration support for:
200 returnees from the EU to Russia
60 returnees from the NIS in Russia (fellow)
40 returnees from Poland, Bulgaria, Germany to NIS countries
700 immigrants (legal and illegal) in Russia
Social services include assistance in return, integration measures in Russia and NIS countries, support for beginning entrepreneurs, support for immigration centers in Russia.

– Мeasures to integrate immigrants into Russia (assistance in finding employment, training), support of regional migration centers.
– Тraining staff of nongovernmental organizations and state institutions (practices, law enforcement, human rights, tolerance, anti-discrimination training).
– Workshops for journalists (to gather additional information on migration issues, to establish contacts with NGOs, to spread a positive image of immigrants and to combat xenophobia)
– Roundtables “ Forum on Migration”(representatives from politics, business, NGOs, journalists)
– Network meetings to share information, knowledge and experience.
Regular meetings, roundtables and workshops will be conducted to facilitate the exchange of experts, exchange of good practices and to strengthen political dialogue on migration issues.

Practical support for immigrants and returnees.

Immigrants have the opportunity through one of the partners in the network and internet portal „Promigrant“ to get advice about their specific needs. AWO Heimatgarten in Germany and migration centers in Russia, for example, NGO “Urals home” or fund “Tajikistan”, that perform social services for immigrants, help, when necessary, to arrange their return, provide support in finding work and legal advice. Immigrants have the opportunity to attend seminars to open their own business and if necessary to obtain retraining or to attend language courses. Within the project it is possible for immigrants to be granted one-time financial assistance payment of their traveling expenses, provide financial assistance to start their own business at the place where they were returned and  payment of medical expenses.


As a result of the project „Bridges of good Neighborhood“ – the project worked 30 months – we expect: Intensify cooperation within the 20 non-governmental organizations of the Euro-Asian network , 200 immigrants from the EU to Russia, 40 immigrants from the EU to the NIS countries , 700 workers (legal and illegal) from the NIS in Russia have received advice, social and financial assistance and, if necessary, have visited vocational training. Four regional migration centers in Russia are supported. Employees of NGOs, public authorities and journalists have been trained, best practices – methods of care, legal advice for immigrants were introduced. Information portal „Promigrant“ and publication of research will contribute to help immigrants and to analyse the current developments and trends of migration movements in the Euro-Asian space.


The project is divided into three subnets:
– 1 – Russia
– 2 – European Union countries (Germany, Poland, Bulgaria)
– 3 – NIS: Ukraine , Moldova ,  Armenia , Georgia , Uzbekistan , Azerbaijan, Tajikistan etc.

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